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Thursday January 3 2019. Hello! My CV can be found here

and my publication list here

Wednesday January 2 2019. Planning my first field trip of the New Year. Back to Shropshire to try and understand some more about graptolite fossils and their biology. Why did they last so long in the fossil record and, when they were doing so well, why did they become extinct? Also, my new isotope stratigraphy of the Silurian of the Welsh Borderland is almost finished and will be published as a preprint in BioRxiv soon. Nice to be doing science as well as writing about it again.

Tuesday January 1 2019. Hello! And a happy New Year to you all. Might go out for a drive today. Nice and quiet, roads deserted. West Oxfordshire at its best.

Saturday September 29 2018.  Up to the Horton Hospital in Banbury yesterday for a second iron infusion. What a strange feeling! There I was thinking I’d come out of the place feeling like the Incredible Hulk and all I could do was go home and sleep for six hours. Mind you, I had Dotty (one of beautiful tortoise-shell cats) to cuddle me, so, apart from the guilt I felt about not being in my study writing, it was not too bad at all!

Monday December 11 2017.   It is no particular secret that I have spent much of 2017 in and out of Doctor’s surgeries and the John Radcliffe Hospital. I am now well on my way to recovery but that would not have been possible without the help of the most amazing medical team. So thank you, Elle, Neil, Jeremy, Jane, Silvia, Chloe and Suan (to name just a few). You are all amazing! Viva the NHS!