New Writing

11 December 2017. Working on my antiques business at the moment. On line at 7230richard (on eBay) also and at my cabinet at the Quiet Woman Antiques Centre just outside Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. Come January though I hope to finish up a couple of long term projects – THE ISOTOPE MAN (my biography of Professor Sir Nick Shackleton, my PHD supervisor at Cambridge) and BOUNDARY FREAKS (about mass extinctions in the fossil record).

More news soon.

2015. Together with my friend and colleague Christopher Riley I am writing the Haynes Manual for the Voyager Spacecraft. Manuscript submission is end December and publication will be August 2015.

My biography of Nick Shackleton is about half way there now. He was my PhD supervisor at Cambridge and the smartest man I have ever known. I hope to publish directly on Amazon Kindle sometime late in 2015.

My novel Dark Site – I’m writing as Jack Shipley  – is finished. Chapter 1 will be posted here shortly. Expect the complete book to be hitting Amazon early in the New Year.

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