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17 March 2019 As you can see I’ve made progress with my eStore. My next step is to collect my stories into three series of titles, THE RESTLESS SCIENTIST (Scientific and Medical Essays),  TALES OF SCIENCE AND IMAGINATION (Thank you Edgar Allen Poe for inspiring the title! These are my slightly freaky-deaky science short stories), and KATZ ARE MY KRYPTONITE (my homage to the most civilised animal taxon on this planet – the cats).

There will be about six chapters to each title and as I write more these stories and essays will be showcased on the site and then collected into a new title. That way you don’t find yourself buying the same essay or story twice. While I’ve been testing the system I’ve been using pdf’s of single stories but I’m  now moving to MOBI format where you can read my stuff on Kindles, Tablets or Phones. There will be artwork with each story, I have taken out a subscription with Shutterstock and use some of their images as the basis for my own creations.

There may even be audio books down steam.

I am experimenting here of course. In the old days I used to go the agent/publisher route but in the digital age that takes too long. Also, you don’t have two sets of editors to pay obiesance to before your readers even get to read what you were trying to say.

So please support me by buying my books. Ultimately, no doubt, I shall do a version for Amazon but not just yet – let’s see how far we get with this model.

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