Richard’s Published Popular Science Portfolio


Capturing CO2, Chemistry and Industry, October 2022
Capturing CO2

Sustainable Cities, Chemistry and Industry, July 2019
Smart Cities

Explosive Diamonds, Chemistry and Industry, February 2016
Explosive Diamonds

Ultraviolet LEDs, Physics World, June 2015
Through a Glass, Darkly

Lunar Mining. Physics World, February 2015
One Step From Earth

Exceptional Fossil Preservation. Chemistry and Industry, December 2014
Windows on Time

Searching for lost Great War soldiers. Oxford Times, November 2014
In Search of Great Uncle Albert

My article on recent developments in stem cell research. Oxford Times, October 2014

Deep Sea Mining. Chemistry and Industry, June 2014
Deep Dilemma

The Turin Shroud. Chemistry World, January 2014
Chemistry in the face of belief

Geological Time and Orbital Variations. Physics World, November 2013
The Echoes of Eternity

The Sadness of Star Voyagers, Oxford Times, May 2013
The Sadness of Star Voyagers Part 1
The Sadness of Star Voyagers Part 2

Britain’s First Nuclear Bomb. Physics World, October 2012
Britain’s Bomb

John Glenn’s First Orbital Flight. Astrobiology, July 2012
The Flight of Friendship 7

Titanic. Physics World, April 2012
The Perfect Storm

Forensic DNA Identication – Fromelles. Chemistry World, February 2010
The Lost Soldiers of Fromelles

Apollo 11. Chemistry World, August 2009.
One Giant Leap

Craig Venter. Chemistry World 2008
Genome Maverick

Sputnik. Physics World, October 2007
Sputnik’s Legacy

Oxford science entrepreneur Steve Davis.