Famed Climate Scientist Nick Shackleton Biography Now Available To Publishers

Tuesday September 25 2018. I am delighted to say that I am now making the short synopsis of my biography of Professor Sir Nick Shackleton FRS (of Greenhouse Effect fame) available on-line for publishers to peruse and pursue if they so wish.

If you wish to receive a copy of the long synopsis please email me at richcdok@gmail.com.

It has taken me many years to write it, in amongst all the other things I have to do to make a crust! As you may know I was Nick’s first graduate student to specialise in his field.


Here’s a picture of Nick and I on the day he was awarded his Doctorate of Science (Sc.D) at Cambridge in 1985.

All enquiries to me in the first instance at richcdok@gmail.com.

Click to read the synopsis at Nick_Shackleton_Short_Proposal

Click to read Chapter 1 The Fenland Tardis

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