My Passion for Pocket Watches goes online

We now have an on-line shop at Although my ‘day-job’ is scientist, writer and broadcaster  I have a passion for antique pocket watches. They are tactile and beautiful and, quite simply, a joy to touch and hold.

Evenlode_Collectables  sells classic pocket watches from American Railroad grade watches to First World War Trench watches to 18th Century verge watches. These are rare antiques and tend to be for serious collectors.

I also have a physical outlet at The Quiet Woman Antique Centre at Southcombe near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire (

Please browse our online shops or drop in and see our watches – both classic and bespoke dials – at The Quiet Woman.

If you want to discuss science drop me a line at or if you simply love watches and want to chat about them you can reach me at .