Thank you NHS!

Monday December 11 2017.   It is no particular secret that I have spent much of 2017 in and out of Doctor’s surgeries and the John Radcliffe Hospital. I am now well on my way to recovery but that would not have been possible without the help of the most amazing medical team. So thank you, Elle, Neil, Jeremy, Jane, Silvia, Chloe and Suan (to name just a few). You are all amazing! Viva the NHS!

The Lost Soldiers of Fromelles Monday 31 July 2017

Tonight on Rock On with Dok Corfield we will be talking about the Battle of Fromelles July 19-July 20th 1916. Here are some images from that terrible battle.

German contemporary map of Battlefield of Fromelles

The German (top) and Allied (Bottom) fronet lines

The Sugarloaf Salient have the Germans a commanding advantgae

Contemporary German Aerial Photo of the mass graves for the Allied Dead


Location of Fromelles

Tonight on Rock on with Dok Corfield (3rd July)

We’ll be discussing how life on Earth got started. One of the things that we are going to need to get our heads around is the vastness of geological time. Here is an easy to understand graphic which scales geological time into a twenty-four hour clock.

Here is a picture from our special correspondent showing what the Earth at the time life got started looked like.

Below is an original drawing of the Miller and Urey apparatus used to show that the organic building blocks of life (complex carbon containing molecules)

And here is the young Stanley Miller performing his experiment.

Rock on with Dok Corfield – Mondays 8-9pm

Dear Friends, My new show on Witney Radio (99.9 FM starts this coming Monday at 8pm. There will be a mixture of music, sci-fi and science themed around the question “How Life on Earth Began.” Although I will be able to respond to a limited number of tweets and Facebook questions while on air, if you have any specific questions that you would like me to address please email me at beforehand.

Subjects for other shows will include, Mining the Sea Bed, The Moons of Jupiter, Operation Paperclip, The Voyage of HMS Challenger and many more.

Hope you can join me for what promises to be a fun show this coming Monday (3rd July) at 8pm.

Rock on, All best, Dok

Witney Radio – Rock on with Dok Corfield

Thanks to all of you who have contacted me to say how much you liked my inaugural show on Witney Radio last night (5-7pm Wednesday Witney Radio 99.9 FM ). I would love it if you would email, Facebook or Twitter me with science and science-fiction related questions. I will then try and answer your questions live on the show. Keep Rockin’ All best, Dok.