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Saturday September 29 2018.  Up to the Horton Hospital in Banbury yesterday for a second iron infusion. What a strange feeling! There I was thinking I’d come out of the place feeling like the Incredible Hulk and all I could do was go home and sleep for six hours. Mind you, I had Dotty (one of beautiful tortoise-shell cats) to cuddle me, so, apart from the guilt I felt about not being in my study writing, it was not too bad at all!

Monday December 11 2017.   It is no particular secret that I have spent much of 2017 in and out of Doctor’s surgeries and the John Radcliffe Hospital. I am now well on my way to recovery but that would not have been possible without the help of the most amazing medical team. So thank you, Elle, Neil, Jeremy, Jane, Silvia, Chloe and Suan (to name just a few). You are all amazing! Viva the NHS!

Tuesday November 8 2016. I am delighted to announce that my new schools lecture list for Winter 2016 – Spring 2017 is now available. I am already booked for 3 February at Brambletye Scool in Sussex and am very much looking forward to it. The leCture they have chosen is THE CURSE OF MARS AND OTHER SPACE STORIES. In this lecture I I examine the reasons for the recent loss of the ExoMars lander any why it is so difficult to get to the Red Planet. From there I discuss the problems of visiting Venus and finally, in the  third section of the lecture, I discuss my recent book on thedeep-space Voyager probes, NASA Voyager 1&2, the Haynes Workshop Manual.

You can download the lecture list HERE

Do get in touch if you would like me to come and talk to your school.

Friday September 2 2016. Our holiday cottage in Long Hanborough is now available for longer lets over the winter period. More details can be found here . 

Sunday April 17 2016. In 1992 my wife Julie bought me a pocket watch for Christmas. Since that time I have had a passion for pocket watches. As a historian of science I love the feeling that handling these wonderful objects brings. Over the years I have enjoyed repairing them. That hobby has now grown into a little business that I have named Evenlode Collectables.

Evenlode_Collectables copy

I have a cabinet at The Quiet Woman Antique Centre just outside Chipping Norton and a little workshop nearby where I tinker with watches. The business, rather to my surprise, has now expanded online.

So let me introduce you to our on-line shop

I say ‘ours’ because it is a family business I run with my wife (who started it all) which one day we hope to hand on to our children. Since our kids are on-line road warriors they have persuaded me that, as well as the main web site, I should have a cool new Etsy website where I can showcase watches that I have made bespoke dials for. (Some watches when they come to me have damaged dials that have to be replaced. So why go for plain white when with digital technology you can make any dial you want?)

So we now have an Etsy Etsy_Evenlode_Collectables copyoutlet at ( .

The two website showcase different types of watches:- sells classic pocket watches from American Railroad grade watches to First World War Trench watches to 18th Century verge watches. These are rare antiques and tend to be for serious collectors.

Our Etsy site ( sells watches that we have designed new dials for (because the original enamel dial has been damaged). These are great fun to make and you can of course specify a design if you would like us to make one for you.

As I mentioned we also have a physical outlet at The Quiet Woman Antique Centre at Southcombe near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire (

We also occasionally sell on eBay. Our user id there is 7230richard.

Please browse our online shops or drop in and see our watches – both classic timepieces and those with our bespoke dials – at The Quiet Woman.

Here are some examples of our bespoke dials:-

jap_tree White_Rabbit_115 copy frewen_dial_5 copyask_motorsport_dial_4

…and completed watches…

We normally dispatch watches within  3 days of purchase since all our watches, without exception, are kept under lock-and-key at our Chipping Norton storage facility.

If you want to discuss any watches do drop us a line at

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