8 November 2022. This is the link to my recently published article on carbon capture and storage C&I Issue 10 2022 – Capturing CO2 (soci.org) . I was limited to only 2000 words so there was much I couldn’t say, like the role of China and India. But hopefully there is enough to give you a flavour of where the technology is going.

If anybody would like to hear more then I would be happy to elaborate in another article.

Best wishes to you all. Richard

Still Here

10 May 2019 Just a quick note to reassure all of you who have been emailing me to find out why things have gone quiet around here. The short answer is that I am putting together a book – quite a big book actually. Chunks of it are off with my agent as we speak and it is a very dynamic process of discussion and refining. Hopefully he’ll have it in a couple of weeks and then be off doing his thing with it.

When that happens they’ll be more appearing on the website. Some new short stories and my collected cat stories KATS ARE MY KRYPTONITE.